This kind of reminds me of mullets coming back in-style. Paper is back, baby.

This week, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill that would move Louisiana back into the stone age... Well, the paper age, I guess.

In most situations in 2021, I'm all about moving forward and never looking back. I'm all about finding new and better ways to do things, especially things that we've been doing for hundreds of years. However, when it comes to this bill, I'm 100% onboard.

It should go without saying why this bill was proposed. In recent year, no matter what side of the political fence you reside, chances are you've at least thought about the possibility that the integrity has been lost within our elections.

Elections big and small have been effected by software glitches in our electronic voting systems since they've been introduced. In fact, every single election I can remember, I've gone online to see locals complain that their vote, which was cast electronically, did not submit correctly.

This bill will help ensure the integrity of our elections, and just as important, will help give voters the peace-of-mind that their vote was counted correctly.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like our new paper-based system will be up and running completely by the time our next election cycle rolls around. A commission has been tasked with ironing out all of the fine details to make sure the switch back to 100% paper is seamless. However, they won't meet on the subject together until September. That doesn't give us too much time before the 2022 federal elections roll around.

Either way, as a proud and passionate voter, I like this move. Kudos to John Bel Edwards for signing the bill, and an extra kudos to Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt for proposing it.



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