You can't get on Facebook without seeing all of your friends complain about how expensive gas is.

The Ark-La-Tex Has Seen Gas Prices Jump 70 Cents in the Matter of a Week

As I write this the average gas price in Shreveport, Louisiana is $4.11. So I hope you don't have crazy road trip plans anytime soon. You'll see many articles with several experts claiming that the price of gas will continue to rise. How do we cope with the rising costs of gas?

I Have a Friend Who Drives a Truck With a 36 Gallon Tank and He Is Now Making Sense to Me.

His solution was always been "never let the truck get to empty". He said when he sees his truck get to halfway he fills it up so he won't hurt at the gas pump. I thought he was crazy and up until today I disregarded his "dumb gas hack". If he were to fill up his gas tank today and take the tank from empty to full he would be paying $150 at the pump. Could it be that my friend and Shaq are on to something?

There are some rich and famous people who have not forgotten what it's like to be completely broke, and right now it's time to dig up an old gem from an LSU favorite, Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaquille O'Neal Has a Gas Hack That We All Need to Put Into Practice. 

Shaq is definitely a wealthy individual but he hasn't forgotten what the struggle is like. In 2018 Shaquille and the TNT Basketball Broadcast crew were discussing gas prices after Kenny Smith was complaining about how much it cost him to fill up his gas tank. Then Shaq hit us all with a hilarious hack that just makes sense for all of us on the struggle bus.

Why Complain About Filling Up the Tank When You Can Just Fill It Up When the Tank is Halfway Full?

This is "Shaq Gasenomics". His idea is don't complain about "the $80". Kenny Smith is complaining of having to pay $80 bucks every time he fills up. Shaq's solution is don't complain about the $80 run the vehicle's fuel supply to half a tank and then put in $20 bucks worth of fuel. Watch the hilarious clip below.

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