Louisiana legalized the use of Medical Marijuana in 2015, and began the distribution process in 2019. The state then began to expand and streamline the program in 2020, which included the use of Medical Marijuana in smokable form.

Doctors across the state are able to recommend Medical Marijuana for a pretty long list of ailments, and the number of dispensaries expanded during that period as well. At this point, finding access to Medical Marijuana in Louisiana isn't very hard.

Anton Shelepov/Getty Images
Anton Shelepov/Getty Images

But it seems like the biggest thing holding some people back from using the medicine is actually confusion. There are still a lot of questions and confusion over access, prescriptions, legal forms, and other issues. However many of the providers in the state have easily accessible personnel that can assist in gaining access to Medical Marijuana treatments.

We actually have a lot of the answers to the common questions that come up with Medical Marijuana in Louisiana right here:

The Most Common Medical Marijuana Questions In Louisiana

Multiple pieces of legislation dealing with medical marijuana and expansions to the current structure have been or will be introduced in the upcoming legislative session that begins March 14, 2022.
Attitudes are shifting about recreational use as well. In last year's session, lawmakers passed a bill that changes penalties for a small amount of marijuana.
At the beginning of 2022, smokable medical marijuana also became legal. Many people have asked questions about how and where to get medical marijuana. Here is the current information available.

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