The Daily Mail in London recently published an article on what we humans of the civilized world considered to be the most relaxing sounds to our ears. Not surprisingly they found that many of most anticipated sounds were associated with something that people enjoy. In the Daily Mail survey the sound of sizzling bacon was number one. We took it a step further and got to thinking about what would Louisiana's most relaxing sounds be?


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    The Closing of a Jail Cell Door Behind a Politician

    This sound would not only fit in the relaxing category but in the most common sounds heard in Louisiana category. We've had a virtual who's who of who's incarcerated in our state. As soon they spring them from the pen we usually elect them again. It's great to live in a state where we can forgive inept behavior and job performance unless you're the coach of a football team.

  • webcajun via you tube
    webcajun via you tube

    Celery, Onion, and Bell Pepper Sizzling in a Black Iron Pot

    This sound could also fit into the most relaxing smells in Louisiana too. The "Holy Trinity" of Louisiana cooking is the basis of just about everything we cook. I am pretty sure they even put those three ingredients in milkshakes and drive thru daiquiris. When you hear those veggies hit the hot bottom of a black iron pot and start to sizzle you know in just a little while your life is going to be better.

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    A Running Air Conditioner

    I know there will be those that will find disfavor with this selection. Please remember we are talking about relaxing sounds. You try relaxing when your air conditioner doesn't work. I see you have changed your tune haven't you. While it may not be the most natural sound in our wonderful state I will gladly take the hum of an air conditioner over the sound of mosquitoes flying in my room through an open window.

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    John Moore/Getty Images

    Orange Cones Being Lifted Off Pavement

    There is nothing like seeing the unofficial state bird of Louisiana take flight. With it's bright orange plumage and rubbery skin the orange traffic cone, trafficus interruptus, taking flight is a sound we all love to hear. Knowing this delicate creature is out of your lane of travel means you can finally start moving toward your destination.

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    Staff Photo

    The Opening of an Ice Chest

    In most places around the world an ice chest is a thermal box that people fill with ice. Where we live the ice chest is more of a treasure chest. Sure it can contain ice cold beer or steaming hot crawfish, or mess of fresh caught fish or crabs or even car parts. An ice chest to Louisianans is like a treasure chest. You don't know what you've got until you hear the gentle squeak of the lid as it's opening.

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