When Roux was born, she really got started on the wrong, eh paw. You see, Roux, or Sue Roux, was born without any front legs. As a result, she was abandoned. Eventually she wound up at an animal shelter in New Orleans where she was was adopted by Jackie Deak Akey. Ole Roux, referred to by the internet as "Bunny Cat" is doing just fine these days. As a matter of fact, Roux has become a viral sensation thanks to social media. See how awesomely things can turn around?

Roux has a fantastic Instagram account with over half a million followers! You follow here over at lilbunnysueroux.

Animal Planet even did a story on her.


Below are some of the great pics and video you'll find on Roux's Instagram.

Here is a fan made video in Spanish showing Roux in all of her glory.

Here's Roux lovin' up on cat nip

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