This odd food is something our state is known for.

My favorite thing about our country is the diversity. As the melting pot, we all bring something different to the table both literally and figuratively. In fact, if you were to set an actual table with one dish from each state, you would get 50 completely unique plates.

Some of those dishes may also be considered "weird."

Recently, BuzzFeed asked the Internet to name a weird food item that their state is known for. The final list is nothing short of fascinating. Everything from savory to sweet made the list.

For Louisiana, it's boudin.

By definition, boudin is sausage with some extra stuffing. One pork recipe calls for a standard sausage preparation with the addition of rice, green onions, celery, red pepper, garlic, and pork liver. It's basically an entire meal in a casing and it enjoyed at any meal, any time of day.

Just like the state it hails from, this little guy is one heck of a party!

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