We don't believe everything we read or see on the internet, but there is a photo circulating around social media of an alternate uniform that LSU may wear this weekend.

UPDATE: LSU has announced they will be wearing an alternate uniform. Check out the video below.

The uniform in question shows a white jersey with white pants, plus a purple helmet. Some have suggested that LSU may wear this uniform Saturday night when they take on Mississippi State in "Tiger Stadium."

LSU has yet to make an official announcement on their uniform for this weekend, but we have yet to see the Tigers in an alternate uniform this football season.

In the years past, LSU, like other schools, has resorted to an alternate uniform at least once in the year. Often those uniforms are auctioned off for fundraisers to benefit the athletic department.

Here's the photo circulating around social media. What do you think? Should LSU enter Tiger Stadium Saturday night with this uniform? Let me know in the comment section below.

And while I'm at it, I'll admit that I am usually one that likes for teams to stick to their original colors, but this color combination would be clean if the Tigers elects to wear them against the Bulldogs.

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