The LSU Baseball team blew another late game lead as they fell to 4th ranked Arkansas 5-4 in the opening game of a three-game set.

The Tigers led 4-2 in the eighth inning, but they gave up three runs in the eighth inning as Nick Bush was charged with his first loss of the season. LSU is now 10-12 in the SEC.

This might have been the moment where LSU watched their SEC West hopes fade, and possibly said goodbye to their NCAA Tournament hopes. The team has played better than many expected they would this year, but it doesn't appear the team will be able to pull themselves over the finish line.

Just a couple weeks ago, the team was poised to make a play for the SEC West title, but after getting roughed up by Ole Miss, and now losing the opening game to Arkansas, the team's SEC West fire may have faded out.

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