Les Miles...love him or hate him. But this will at least make you reconsider how you feel about the LSU coach.

What a special moment for this 15-year-old LSU fan who is battling cancer. Sid Ortis, 15, of Mountain Brook has a type of bone cancer and has been a long-time LSU fan. Recently, he got a call from LSU coach, Les Miles, who informed him that he and his family would soon be visiting Tiger Stadium on LSU/Alabama game day and that they will be sitting in Les Miles’ luxury suites at LSU Tiger Stadium.

Sid's parents say that they are not sure how the LSU coach got his phone number, but nevertheless, the two talked about football, life and even said a prayer together. Coach Miles even told Sid that, “Life is not how long you life, but how you live it.”

What an amazing gesture by Coach Miles and I'm sure Sid will remember that moment for the rest of his life!


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