Several buildings at LSU's campus in Baton Rouge could be renamed if this group gets its way.

The LSU College Dems are leading a movement to have all confederate-tied names of buildings to be changed. They currently have a proposal in the works aimed to rename LSU's Middleton library. The library, of course, is named after confederate general Troy Middleton.

Governor John Bel Edwards supports the renaming of the Lousiana-famous library.

The President of LSU College Dems, Daniel Carpenter, has been vocal about his group's push to rename not only the library but also all of the other buildings on campus which are named after members of the confederate army.

He says, "Like Kirby Smith Hall, which is named after a Confederate General, I believe and also Lockett Hall is another one, it’s another Confederate Major. It seems like for some reason we have a string of Confederates on campus I don’t know why that is."

Carpenter is pushing for an immediate renaming of these buildings, and also provides a suggestion as to what the new names could be.

He says, "It only makes sense to replace these racist and problematic names with the names of prominent black Americans and black LSU students who have enriched the culture of campus.”

In regard to the Middleton Library, the Middleton family itself has issued a statement against the potential renaming referring to General Middleton as a "war hero", and a "Louisiana icon".

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