According to a Facebook post, the man pictured below in the white shirt was shouting racial slurs during the LSU/Georgia Southern game in Baton Rouge on Saturday.

Facebook user Anna Tran posted the photograph, taken in the LSU Student Section of Tiger Stadium. Witnesses said that he shouted "Get the **** out, ching chongs", directed at Tran and her friends at the game.

One of the comments, from Scott Russo, said that "being drunk is not an excuse".

Facebook comment
Facebook comment

An update to the story says that the name of the offender has been turned in to officials at Louisiana State University.

My hope is that

  1. he is expelled from the university
  2. he is banned from the campus for life
  3. he realizes his errors, corrects his behavior, and makes an effort to repair the damage done
  4. Anna realizes that not all LSU fans are like this one
  5. the people who were standing near him and doing nothing realize that they have a voice that should be louder than that of a racist, for the only thing that is worse than the words of an enemy is the silence of a friend. Y'all, learn to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

We do not know his name, but something tells me that he will be internet famous soon.


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