Every guy in the world, no matter his age, has had this dream. He's in the stands at a ball game, and a foul ball flies off the hitter's bat in his direction. Reacting quickly, he reaches out and spears the ball bare handed, catching the attention of the manager of the home team who yells, "Sign him up!"

Well, the sport may be different, but the results were just as dream-like for one LSU student Saturday, when he won a year's worth of free hamburgers from a major fast food restaurant.

LSU student Phillip Gordon won free Whataburger for the next twelve months after he hit a half-court shot during halftime of the Tigers 65 to 58 loss to Arkansas. Gordon's 46 foot shot entitles him to unlimited eating at any of the chain's more than 800 restaurants.

Clad in an orange Whataburger t-shirt, the boyish looking Gordon took a couple of dribble, then three steps and a hop before launching the ball toward the rim with a form that would make even Steph Curry jealous. And as the ball dusted the backboard and fell through the net, not only young Phillip, but a crowd of almost 13,000 went crazy.

Smiling broadly and skipping across the hardwood, Gordon embraced the Tigers on-court emcee and the mascot while everyone in the arena cheered.

espn youtube
espn youtube

Meanwhile, it wasn't quite as successful a day for the Tigers squad, as Coach Will Wade's team fell to Arkansas 65 to 58. Going into the game, LSU was ranked twelfth in the country while the Razorbacks were unranked.

And despite Gordon's half court perfection and the Tigers loss, fans probably won't be seeing the slightly built Gordon again anytime soon...unless it's at a local Whataburger.

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