No, unfortunately my fellow LSU fans, we cannot. How time flies, though, am I right? It seems like just yesterday everything was perfect in Tigerland. We had the greatest quarterback in college football history. We had a team that seemingly could not be beat. We had a roster full of players who loved their team. We had a stadium full of rowdy LSU fans week after week.

Flash forward to now...

Our quarterbacks have struggled all season. Our team is a .500 football team, if not worse. Players have basically given up on the team. Due to COVID-19, Death Valley is practically a ghost town.

That's a massive year-to-year difference.

Today, news has broke that another LSU player has decided to opt out of the remainder of the season, affective immediately.

The next player to take himself out of our LSU locker room is star tight end Arik Gilbert. Gilbert is a Freshman and a lone bright spot for LSU this season. If you don't include the other notable pass catcher to bail on the Tigers this season, Gilbert was leading the team in receiving yards.

Speaking about Gilbert, Coach Ed Orgeron says, "He said his body was hurting and he had some things he needed to take care of.  Do I think there’s a chance of getting him back next season? Yeah. Is there a chance of him transferring? I don’t know that, he hasn’t told me he was transferring.”

We certainly wish Arik Gilbert well and hope he takes care of himself and is able to work through what he is dealing with.

As always, GEAUX TIGERS.




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