LSU could soon have a major problem on its hand.

I attended the LSU/Auburn game this past weekend and the atmosphere in Tiger Stadium was electric. Now, maybe the volume was turned up a bit because LSU now serves beer and wine throughout the stadium.

With that noted, I must say, I have never seen such long lines at the restrooms in Tiger Stadium. And I have been attending LSU games for nearly 30 years now.

The lines were long and fans were impatient but were the lines longer than normal because of the consumption of alcohol? Some fans that I spoke to Saturday evening believe that is so.

Tiger fans were saying that the university may soon have to address the plumbing in the stadium being that so much beer is being consumed during games. And as farfetched as that may sound, it may also be very true.

Will LSU have to add more restrooms or enlarge its facilities due to more anre more people using the restroom during games? I think it is something that they may soon have to address.

The fan experience is EVERYTHING now in stadiums and waiting in long lines is a major inconvenience. Let's see what happens.

I do know one thing, LSU fans will NOT stop drinking. Thus, it's time for a few more toilets and urinals in "Death Valley." 





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