From the twisted mind of the Joker comes the newest roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas, The Joker! Opening to the public Saturday, May 20th, riders will be flipped upside down forwards and backwards as The Joker tries to confuse each of its riders. I can tell you that you are in for the ride of your life on this coaster, it is quick, intense and full of surprises!

From the moment the ride begins you're feet are dangling below you as you travel straight up the lift hill, which only takes a few seconds to reach the top and from that point on chaos ensues! Depending upon your seat positioning you can see the track and see which way you're going. My back was to the track so I had no idea what was coming or what was about to happen and that lead to more thrills while riding!

The Joker is a free-fly coaster, meaning the ride chairs are suspended on arms that extend outside the track and the chairs move in many different directions from forward rolls to back rolls while the train is in motion. Each ride is unique and can feature more flips than other times when you ride it.

I was able to ride this ride before it opens to the general public this Saturday by attending a special media day event at Six Flags Over Texas. I got to ride it one time, without knowing what to expect you can see my reaction as I rode The Joker at Six Flags in the following video. There is also another video at the end that shows a wide view of the track with riders and you can get a better sense of what's happening to the riders as they ride The Joker!

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