This is when you know that the world has officially gone crazy… People are actually selling sealed bags of air on eBay from Kanye West concerts and multiple people have posted these for sale… Believe it or not, there are people actually bidding on this! One had 90 bids with up to $60,100. Some of the sellers boast that the air came from front row seats and might contain Kanye’s breath! Since then, the Ziplocs full of air have been removed, but we can’t tell if any transactions actually took place…

This story just keeps getting worse… One of Bobby Brown’s relatives say there is strong evidence of foul play in the near drowning of Bobbi Kristina and that her ‘husband’ Nick Gordon is under suspicion for attempted murder. Nick apparently checked into rehab after taping his appearance on Dr. Phil… which was an intervention. I can’t imagine thinking this is the time to be talking to the press or making TV appearances. Not that I’ve walked a mile in their shoes, it just seems like they should be directing their energies to doing everything they can to help Bobbi Kristina recover.

Our buddy Mickey Benoit is going to love this story! Luke Bryan’s favorite spring break drink of choice is Miller Lite! He likes Sex on the Beach or Hurricane’s, but for him, keeping it simple is where it’s at! BTW, according to Luke, the worse things people do on spring break… Guys and cheesy pick up lines and girls who get in wet t-shirts contests… and fall for cheesy pick up lines!

The Zac Brown Band made their debut appearance on SNL this past Saturday. They performed Homegrown and introduced a new rock song called Heavy is the Head featuring Chris Cornell from Soundgarden.

Jake Owen cut his hair again… and ladies, I don’t care if you liked it long. Please, reserve judgment until you see his new ‘do… That man looks good no matter what he does!

Celebrity Birthdays Monday, March 9:
Emmanuel Lewis 44 (Webster)
Charles Gibson 72 (Good Morning America)
Mickey Gilley 79
Kato Kaelin 56

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