On Monday (April 23), a Manhattan judge ruled that the Material Girl waited too long to sue for the return of a collection of "highly personal" belongings, which went missing after the musician moved out of her Miami home around 2004.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Gerald Lebovits released the items back to online auctioneer Gotta Have It! Collectibles—the web site her missing items initially appeared on in July 2017—and cited the short statute of limitations for the ruling.

The pop star had just three years under New York state law to recover her items from Gotta Have It! Collectibles auctioneer, art consultant and former friend of Madonna, Darlene Lutz.

"Mere ignorance or lack of discovery of the wrong is not sufficient to toll the statute," Lebovits ruled Monday, Page Six reports.

Last summer, Madonna sued the auctioneer over the sale of her belongings, which included an intimate letter from late rapper Tupac, a pair of satin underwear and a hairbrush containing the pop star's hair. She was awarded a temporary block on the auction in 2017.

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