One young Lafayette wants Donald Trump to make her the topic of his next executive order.

11-year-old Kennedy is a student at Rayne Catholic, and now that Trump is President she has one big request. She wants better lunch at her school, and she's so passionate about it that she even wrote a letter to the POTUS.

Her mom explains that school lunch has been an issue for a while now for young Kennedy

she started complaining about school lunch about 2 years ago. Everything went to brown rice and wheat bread and she doesn't eat either of those. One of her favorite things was school bread!!!!! When trump was running she said that she hopes he changes lunch rules if he gets elected. Once he got elected I walked into the kitchen and found her writing this.


During the presidential race, when Kennedy's mom asked her who she would vote for, her answer was simple:

whoever will bring back white rice!

Before any bans or walls go into place, let's hope Trump can fix these lunch issues in Rayne!

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