Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you the thirst trap on my Facebook page. All of a sudden women all over Shreveport and the surrounding areas are wanting to commit crimes. Why are these women willing to become felons? Have you seen what the SPD recruiting officer looks like?

Instead of singing "Savage" or "Carole Baskin" we decided to make our very own version celebrating Officer Pollitt's hotness. Check it out below.

Officer Peter Pollitt is part of the recruiting department for the Shreveport Police Department. If I could pass the physical part of it all, I would most definitely be signing up with the Shreveport Police department. Could this recruiter be the one who brings in a large number of female recruits?

Here are some comments that thirsty women from the SBC left on my Facebook video:
"I’m feeling scandalous. Rule-breaking almost..."
"Oh. Oh my. I'm lawful good," but I could be persuaded to change my ways. Lawd."
"Girl!! That’s a work hazard, big whistle, eye candy"
"Rawr!! 😍😍 Heading to Shreveport to commit a crime now!!"

Even Shreveport's Councilwoman LeVette Fuller chimed in with "Please don't objectify our police officers!" which of course we all ignored, she just doesn't get it. That's okay though, she's making our community a better place, if she could just have Officer Pollitt show up to all her community walks she could increase her female presence.

Imagine if a heartthrob like Officer Peter Pollitt went on the show "The Bachelor", all of a sudden everyone would be all about backing the blue, some ladies would be begging to get arrested. If the producers from this show listen to us, they could make their ratings skyrocket. Just an idea.

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