If you were as bummed as I was when they had to postpone the Def Leppard, Tesla, Styx show at the CenturyLink Center for February 10, 2016 due to Joe Elliot's vocal issues, never fear! We just got word that you should most definitely hold on to your tickets because the show WILL BE RESCHEDULED!

So, put your tickets away for safe keeping and for the love, don't forget where you put them! Your tickets will be honored when they finally reschedule the show and we promise to let you know the second we know when they reschedule the show. Sorry that was a convoluted, but I'm sure you get my point! Until then, continue to wear out your Hysteria cassette tape. Oh wait, I'm the only one who still has a cassette player? I bet you pitched your VCR, too. SMH

Maybe this will help get you in the mood!

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