Kent Nishimura, Getty Images

President Obama's oldest daughter Malia Obama is currently on vacation in Oaxaca, Mexico for Spring Break. Or is she? All of the sudden  news stories on Huffington Post and Yahoo News have disappeared. 

The Blaze reports that several of the websites that ran stories on the First Daughters trip to Mexico have broken links to the story. Some links direct you to entirely different stories. The stories that are no longer there made mention of the trip and Malia being accompanied by school group and 25 secret service agents. But, there are still stories on the web regarding Malia's being safe after a strong earthquake in Mexico. It's the kind of head scratching turn of events that has conspiracy theorists running wild.

Could the stories have been removed because of the fact that our tax dollars pay for the secret service agents to follow Malia while she is on vacation?

It could be blamed on our government controlling the news media. If that is the case, how do you explain the stories disappearing on the Telegraph UK or The Austrailian websites? The removal of the stories could have been a courtesy extended to the US government.

This could all be a measure to keep 13 year old Malia safe. Mexico can be a dangerous place. In 2010, their were approximately 2,000 plus kidnappings in Mexico.

I don't know if I could in good conscience send my 13 year old daughter to Mexico for Spring Break with 13 other kids. I would certainly want to be there with my daughter as a chaperone.

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