What do you love more: Marvel or your significant other?

For one anonymous man chronicled in a recent Reddit AITA post, the answer to that question was clear: Marvel all the way. His girlfriend chronicled a bitter fight that all stemmed from the hit motion picture Black WidowAs she tells it, they had just finished watching Black Widow when she told him “I really loved the beginning but towards the middle all the action scenes seemed a bit messy and convoluted.” Ultimately, she decided she didn’t enjoy the overall whole that much.

Sounds utterly reasonable, right? Wrong! The boyfriend got angry, and claimed the girlfriend “didn’t understand some ‘inside’ Easter eggs” because she hadn’t seen all of the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, she had seen all of them except Avengers: Infinity War — but when she defended herself, he called her a “liar” and said that she hasn’t “REALLY watched” because she hadn’t sat down and “watched them in order. Then she called him a “gatekeeper” for insisting that she wasn’t watching the movie correctly. “I can connect the dots when watching the movies, it’s not rocket science.”

Things only got worse from there. The boyfriend was so mad he decided to sleep on the couch — and then, according to an update, to end the relationship entirely. All because she thought Black Widow was decent but not exceptional! Kevin Feige, you really should do the right thing here and pay back this woman for her moving expenses.

Guys: No Marvel movie is worth a lifetime of loneliness! People are allowed to dislike Black Widow! Or anything! And Marvel movies really aren’t rocket science! Anyway, you can read the entire Reddit post below:

Black Widow is now playing in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access. Watch it with someone you love who has seen every single Marvel movie and knows all the Easter eggs. Otherwise, it can be risky.

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