Talk about proposing to the woman of your dreams! An unidentified man took to Reddit to confess a secret that could end up being a deal breaker for him and his fiancee. The Reddit user explained that he has trouble sleeping and one night he took 4 times the recommended dosage of his sleep medication. Instead of waking up well rested he woke up engaged!

The man said on Reddit  "I had an engagement ring in my drawer than I traded for some other jewelry because I buy and sell stuff on craigslist. anyways, long story short I woke up and she was wearing the ring on her finger and had explained what had happened and I was just shook because I couldn't remember s---. I go on my facebook and apparently my Ambien drugged brain changed my relationship status to engaged and it got 150+likes before I f----- saw it. I had not planned on being engaged with my girlfriend for another year and a half and probably would've gotten her a better ring but Ambien sped up the process ten folds."

Our first question, will Ambien pay for the wedding? The second question is how can women get ahold of these pills if their man is scared of commitment? Have you ever taken Ambien for insomnia? If so, do you have a crazy Ambien story? We want to hear it!

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