Police in Florida are currently searching for the most evil man in America, who unplugged a bounce house and injured two children.

A one year old girl was celebrating her birthday with friends and family, when all of a sudden, the unthinkable happened. While the kids, twelve of them, were jumping in the bounce house, it mysteriously began deflating. It deflated so quickly, parents couldn't get the kids out until it had nearly deflated completely, trapping the kids inside.

During the party, no one realized how the bounce house deflated. Afterwards, security cameras revealed the true reason and it's down-right sickening. A man casually walked through the party, followed the extension cord from the bounce house, and literally unplugged it from the wall and walked away.

Two children were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

I'm guessing this man was a grumpy, unhappy neighbor, but that might not be the case since police still have not identified and/or found him.

Here's the video!


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