Remember the jerk who filmed the gates at Barksdale then trolled our Airmen? He's back, filming employees at Shreveport's Federal Courthouse.

Apparently this guy has made a name for himself by traveling the country and being an instigator at government offices and military bases. Last month, he stopped by Shreveport and filmed at Barksdale Air Force Base. He filmed the gate on Barksdale Highway in Bossier, until he was (rightfully) confronted by Airmen trying to figure out why he was doing it. You can see that footage HERE.

The guy was a total jerk to our airmen and clearly only doing it to get a rise out of them and get it on camera.

Clearly, he didn't leave town after that incident, instead, he made his way to the Federal Courthouse in downtown Shreveport.

He was confronted quickly by a security guard, who informed him he could film and take pictures of the building itself, but to refrain from capturing government employees on camera.

The security guard was exceptionally nice and kept his composure, all while this jerk continued to troll and belittle him. What a waste of time, and for what, a few YouTube fews. Get a life, bro!

I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope this guy never comes back to the Ark-La-Tex.


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