Customers and employees of Sea Cave Arcade in New Orleans literally found themselves in a living nightmare that lasted two days.

Owner of Sea Cave Archive Judah Lea tells WWLTV it all started Sunday, December 12 during a gaming tournament. Lea says at one point a customer in the arcade began acting erratically "using a price tag gun to maliciously plaster a video game with stickers" according to

At that point, the customer was reportedly refunded his money paid to participate in the tournament and was asked to leave.

The jilted customer then threatened Judah Lea with a butter knife and left the arcade.

That's when the nightmare really began for Lea and the customers inside of Sea Cave Arcade.

Lea tells -

"He came back 20 minutes later and attached a U-lock, a bicycle U-lock to the door, locking everybody inside.

He would return three more times in the evening to basically smash out every screen, every television, all the glass pane windows."

Owner Judah Lea was able to get his customers out of the arcade safely.

After returning to the arcade three separate times that night, the man stopped. However, according to Lea, he returned the following night to inflict more damage.

In total, Lea estimates the man is responsible for $50,000 worth of damage to the arcade.


Police found and arrested the man after the Monday night incident, identifying the suspect as 30-year-old Mitchell McNeely IV according to

McNeely has reportedly been booked on multiple charges including false imprisonment, aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and criminal damage to property after the nightmarish two-day stretch of mayhem.


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