A woman banned from her boyfriends apartment complex for damaging property of the complex was arrested for trespassing after her boyfriend was caught sneaking her in, in a suitcaseTenants and staff at the apartment complex reported that for months they saw 52 year old Curtis T. Lowe rolling around a pink suitcase to and from his apartment. Some even thought there could be a person in the suitcase, but had no way to prove it.

On Monday, a call was received by Portland police that a man, Lowe, kidnapped a woman and was carrying her around the suitcase. There was no kidnapping though. Kola J. McGrath voluntarily got in the suitcase in order to visit her boyfriend's apartment without getting caught.

The 5-foot-6, 96-pound McGrath was found by police in a closet of the apartment where the pink suitcase was found as well. I guess the two found a creative way for their love to "carry on" despite the ban.