A man in south Louisiana is accused of stealing a sex toy from an adult store in Livingston Parish. WAFB TV reports the man allegedly swiped a "Bangin Betty' gadget and ran off. He's caught on video surveillance from inside the store.

Officials with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are checking out a report about the theft from Frenzies Adult Store in Denham Springs which is just east of Baton Rouge.

WAFB got the video from the store’s co-owner Maegan Williams. In the video, you can see the man lollygagging around the store for a few minutes. He chats with a worker in the store before running off with with the 'Bangin Betty' in his arms. This particular item is worth about $55 bucks.

The owners of the store are offering a $100 to anyone who can identify the thief. They do have video of him from outside the store when he did not have his mask pulled up.

The store owners are urging the guy to come back in to the store and apologize and pay for the product. But they do not want the adult toy back.


You might wonder why people would steal items like this. It's pretty obvious people will steal anything and they will be quite bold about it. You might remember the woman in Shreveport who stuffed 18 bottles of booze in her pants back in August of 2017. But crime doesn't pay. She got caught and served some jail time.

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