This isn't the smartest thing anyone has done today on Facebook, that's for sure.

So I am following pretty much every Shreveport-Bossier garage sale Facebook group. You never know when something will pop up that you might be interested in. Also, as proven this morning, you never know when something truly crazy will pop up.

This morning I woke up to a notification of a new listing on the page, "Shreveport-Bossier Buy, Sale, Trade." This one caught my eye because it had so many comments. From afar, it looked like your ordinary post advertising a used car.

However, this was no ordinary listing.

The post, which appears to have been removed now, listed a used car with the asking price of only $800. His description also claimed the car had been,"Driven 1,000,000  miles" which seems a little ridiculous.

More ridiculous, however, was what was painted on the car's windshield.

On the photo, you see "$800 obo or 1 Pound", followed by the seller's phone number.

Check it out!



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