The 18-year-old who police say intentionally caused a fatal crash in Baton Rouge last month, because God allegedly instructed him to take his own life, is now at the state’s mental health hospital in East Feliciana Parish. Jack Jordan’s attorney, James Manasseh, says three doctors evaluated his client and came to the same conclusion.

“He is suffering from mental health issues from psychosis and is unable to assist counsel in understanding the charges against him and being able to assist in his own defense,” said Manasseh.

Last month, Jordan was booked on second-degree murder in the death of 51-year-old Stephanie Payne following the wreck that saw Jordan plow into her vehicle going at least 90-miles per hour.  Manasseh says the goal is to have his client’s competency restored for trial.

“He’ll be evaluated, he’ll receive treatments and diagnosis, and they will try to provide medication and treatment that will restore his competency so that the case can proceed,” said Manasseh.

Manasseh says his client made good grades in school and didn’t have a troubled history, adding that mental illness isn’t as easy to treat as other ailments.

“Doctors can maybe determine if someone is having heart disease or cancer.  Mental health issues and illnesses, there is not quite the ability to pigeon-hole it as easily,” said Manasseh.

Jordan’s next court date is November 21st.

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