Do you have any Christmas superstitions? If you do, you are not alone. I dug up some of the more unusual Christmas superstitions.

Some experts say that since Christmas has a strong religious base, it's been a prime target for various superstitions over the years. Others say it’s just local customs that have changed over the years. Regardless, there are quite a few superstitions that have been observed around the holiday.

Photo by Art Maggio for Getty Images
Photo by Art Maggio for Getty Images

An old Scottish tale suggests that babies born on Christmas can see spirits, and possibly even command them. In France, it's been believed that Christmas babies have the gift of prophecy.

In old England, mothers would take their sick children to the door on Christmas night in the belief the Virgin Mary would pass by with the Christ child.

Some Spaniards used to believe that you should treat cows kindly on Christmas, since cattle are thought to have been present when Jesus was born.

And according to one superstition, any dog that howled on Christmas day was sure to go mad in the coming year.

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