Celebrities, they can be picky. Maybe their contract requires all the yellow Skittles to be picked out of the candy dish, or that their dressing room has one specific brand of sparkling water at all times. I’ll never forget the story my mom would always recount about the time she worked with Barbra Streisand where the musician forbade the crew from making eye contact with her, including the cameraperson. (Dear Miss Streisand, please don’t sue my mom and I.) But the latest rumors surrounding a well known celeb and their on-set behavior point to Mariah Carey. According to an actor from the upcoming comedy The House, Carey wasn’t the easiest person to work with.

Rob Huebel, who you may know best as Amy Landecker’s husband Len on Transparent, recently spoke about his experience with the pop star on the new Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell movie. While stopping by SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio (via EW), Huebel went all in on Carey, slamming the musician for her on-set behavior. “It did not go well,” he said. “It was bananas.”

The actor said Carey arrived on set “four hours late,” had specific request for items in her trailer (including “all white roses”) and reportedly refused to sing a song that she was hired to sing in the film. Carey, who plays a version of herself in the comedy, supposedly dies in the film but Huebel said the singer wasn’t too pleased with the way she gets killed:

So then they were going to do this bit where they shoot her, I think, and they kill her — in the movie. Not in real life. But she didn’t want that. She was like, ‘I don’t think my character would get killed by bullets. What if I deflected them like Wonder Woman?’ They were like, ‘Mariah, we don’t have time for [this]. You’re getting paid so much money. We have you for one day. We don’t have time to argue with you. Just do it.’ She just didn’t want to do what they wanted her to do. Anyway, why am I talking trash about her?

It’s unknown if Carey’s cameo is still in the final cut of the movie, and Warner Bros. has yet to comment on Huebel’s remarks. Either way, the next time Carey is casting for a music video, I doubt Hubel will get the gig. The House opens June 30.

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