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If you haven't seen domestic goddess Martha Stewart in her video about this Texas titan of booze, you're missing out on some serious belly laughs!

What does Martha Stewart have to do with Dry January?

First, I need to tell you about a fad that's come about in the last few years. It's called 'dry January' and it's basically when you abstain from drinking alcohol for the entire month of January.  Why? Because January comes right after December and the holidays, the time of year that a lot of people tend to drink to excess. In fact, research shows that going a full month without alcohol leads to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes risk, as well as lower cancer-related proteins in the blood. The initiative was started in 2013 by Alcohol Change UK. Their website says the movement began with 4,000 participants and has since grown to over 130,000 people taking part last year. The concept is so popular, you can even find tons of 'mocktail' recipes specific to the cause online to help curb any cravings you might have.

Why is Martha Collabing with Titos?

That's where Martha and Texas giant Tito's Handmade Vodka come in. Tito's is a popular brand of vodka that was born in Austin, TX in 1995 and is crazy popular. And, of course, they don't want you to go an entire month without their product and neither does Martha. Of course, the more Tito's they sell, the more money is pumped into the Texas economy and the more Martha can help spread the word, the more Texas should love her. Take a look and try not to spit out your drink ;)

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