Last year as the pandemic began, Matthew McConaughey stepped up as an ambassador for Texans to do their best to socially distance and wear masks. He did numerous interviews with the media and personal videos on various social media platforms, encouraging his fellow Texans to do the right thing. As the pandemic dragged on, he got back on his platform to encourage everyone to stay the course and push through.

Back when he started these videos, it was a funny thought that the movie star could possibly make a run for Governor of Texas. Now, in a recent interview, he seemed to be even more open to the idea. He said in the interview that he was really considering it, but didn't specifically land on governor. He went on to tell in the interview that he was certainly looking for a leadership role, but wasn't too sure exactly what that role should be.

McConaughey is already giving back in the state. He did a fundraiser for victims during the recent ice storm, and is a professor at the University of Texas A&M.

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