Today, May 16, is the deadline to file your 2015 Louisiana state income taxes!

If you just haven't gotten around to paying those state income taxes, you don't have much time now. According to Kizzy Payton with the Department of Revenue, taxpayers must make their payments by the end of today or go online to request an extension to avoid penalties.

“That extension allows taxpayers additional time to file a return, however they do need to recognize that it does not allow them additional time to pay any payments that need to be made.”

In order to file an extension, taxpayers must go to  She also says that taxpayers in parts of the state that were deemed a Federal Disaster Area after the March flooding are eligible for an extension.

“They have the opportunity to have filing and payment extensions. Normally those taxes as we’re saying are due Monday, May 16th, that extension will give them additional time until July 15th. They need to make certain that they request for the disaster related extension from the Department of Revenue. If they’re filing electronically they will need to call the Department of Revenue.”



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