I learned so much in ten seconds.

Monday evening as we were preparing to do homework at home, I asked Mason, our 9-year-old son, to explain the book cover you see above to his 6-month old sister.

He grabbed the book and walked over to his little sister. Being the big brother that he is, Mason sat next to his sister and explained what the earth is.

While that may have just been something in the background to me there was something that caught my attention and I am glad that it did.

Mason proceeded to explain to his little sister that the kids in the photo are all different. Yet, they are holding hands. So, I asked Mason to explain to his sister why they are holding hands. 

He said, "We are all different in this world, but we are still all one." This came from the mouth of a 9-year-old.

When I heard his explanation, I froze. I asked myself, why can't adults think of each other as kids do? Have we been conditioned to think otherwise? I'll let you decide.

I share this experience with you because it is time we come together as one. Like the kids on this book cover, we are all different, but that is what makes the world such a special place.

Frankly, it is time that we quit being MEAN to one another. In the day and age of social media, people are so quick to say what they want, not knowing that damage their words or actions may cause.

Just be nice to one another. If kids get it, can't we?

I'll never forget this life lesson taught to me---By a 9-year-old. Let's hold hands again.


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