Monday's City Council work session was an interesting one. It was the first public gathering of city officials since it was announced that current Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump was planning to step down and retire.

Friday Chief Crump, seemingly out of nowhere, announced that he was retiring. According to the statement sent out by the Shreveport Police Department, his departure was set to go into effect November 15th.

Crump was absent from the meeting, but Mayor Ollie Tyler was on hand and had some interesting things to say about Crump's abrupt retirement announcement. Mayor Tyler told the council that she was still waiting on Crump's official retirement letter to be handed in.

Tyler says that she was giving the Chief until Tuesday afternoon to turn in all his paperwork to make his retirement official. She did go on to say that she has spoken to Crump on the phone and is confident that she will get all the documentation needed by her deadline.

However, the Mayor did say that the delay in Crump turning in his paperwork is slowing down her search for his replacement.

"Well that process is going to be done according to civil service law, so I've gotta wait until I get the documentation and that documentation will drive what I can do based on civil service law,” said Tyler.

She also expressed that she is confident Deputy Chief Bill Goodin will do an excellent job leading the department until a replacement can be named.

When asked if Crump will attend Tuesday's City Council meeting, Mayor Tyler said that it is his choice.

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