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James Carter, attorney with the New Orleans' Cochran Firm in Metairie and lawyer for the family of the late Tommie McGlothen, details the lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court. The suit asks for unspecified damages on behalf of the family of the late Tommie McGlothen Jr. The 44-year-old Shreveport man, died last April following a skirmish with Shreveport police officers. The four, Treona McCarter, Brian Ross, D’Marea Johnson, and James LeClare were indicted and charged with negligent homicide and malfeasance in September of last year. The officers are currently on administrative leave.

The city of Shreveport, its insurance company and Police Chief Ben Raymond are also named as defendants in the action.

"Unfortunately, we had to file to protect the rights of Tommie McGlothen, who was brutally beaten and left to die," Carter says, "So, we are in this journey to justice, looking to redress this's been horrible for the family. We are sad that it had to come to this."

Carter then says that the City of Shreveport had previously been contacted. "in an attempt to settle this matter amicably." Carter adds that the city did not respond to his outreach, saying, "Shreveport has forced us to go forward with this lawsuit and we intend to take this matter to the very end."

Carter had asked the city for a settlement of $25 million.

"We are willing to listen to what the city has to say," Carter says, referring to a possible pre-trial settlement. "However, we are now prepared to go all the way to trial"


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