Sometimes, I think I'm pretty sure I have a problem. For some reason, I'm a huge supporter of the underdog and I think I can save them all! That's why I started Bristol's Babies... to help spread the word about pets available for adoption right here in northwest Louisiana.

Keep in mind, before we brought Cajun home Friday, we already had two Mastiff mixes in the house, Bella and Cyrus, a doxie named Mikey and Cam, who's some kind of Cocker Spaniel mix. All of them are strays or rescues, except for Bella, who was gifted to us.

In addition to already having four dogs in the house, two of them being heavy weights, we have two inside cats as well: Crackhead and Lortab.

So what was I thinking when I saw the picture of an English Mastiff named Cane for adoption via Bossier City Animal Control? Apparently, I wasn't. It wasn't 24 hours after I was tagged in the post about Cane before my husband and I headed to Old Shed Road in Bossier to meet him. I don't know how much interest there was in him, but my friends Tresa Frye, Jean Johnson and Josh Hanson made sure he was held for us. Don't get me started on what amazing friends and bad influences they are! (Love you guys!)

We took one look at that big, scared baby and knew we had to give him a chance. Before we knew it, we had him loaded up in the back of my SUV where he traveled with his head resting on my shoulder while gently slobbering all over me. Let me tell you, my house will never be clean again. The slobber is real!

He's had a few days at this point to settle in and slowly get the lay of the land. He and Cyrus are still figuring things out, but since he has an appointment first thing Monday morning to be neutered, I think things will iron themselves out. Neutering tends to take the wind out of their sail, so to speak. Also, we had to change his name to Cajun from Cane. Every time I even thought of the name Cane, all I could think of was Cain and Abel!

Wish us luck. This guy is big, but even given his current size, he's underweight. As soon as we can get his tummy feeling better (anxiety) I'm sure he'll become the dog he's meant to be. I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on his journey. Meanwhile, I can already tell you he's about the sweetest gentle giant you'll ever meet!

BTW, I blame all this madness on my husband. A couple of years ago he mentioned that he had always wanted a Mastiff but was never able to have one. Well, I'm wife number three and I had to show up the other two... Of course I did!

Meanwhile, does anyone know a good house cleaning service? I've mopped my floors at least three times today and they already need it again!

Thank you so much to the great folks at Bossier City Animal Control for making Cajun's adoption so easy!

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