Fisbee showed up with his book a few years ago at my house and my daughter has been waking up each morning since his arrival again this year wondering what he's done and where he's at!

I've been making fun of Fisbee on the air saying he's lazy and usually hangs out some place up off the ground and now I've figured out why! He's apparently scared of the dog! The dog loves to chew on his toys and apparently Fisbee thinks he thinks the dog will see him as a toy! So I forgive Fisbee for being 'lazy'!

Here's what Fisbee's been up to at our house since he arrived the weekend before Thanksgiving! Yeah, we were in the Christmas spirit early this year!

I'd like to see what kind of crazy things your Elf on the Shelf has done! Share their stories by commenting below and make sure to add a pic if you've got it (and if it was crazy, you know you snapped a pic!)

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