We've been asking you to submit your favorite Christmas memories and heartwarming Christmas stories to spread the warmth and joy of the holidays with a 'Charmed' Christmas with James Avery Artisan Jewelry and KVKI and you've delivered!

Each weekday through Friday, December 20, 2019, during the 12 pm hour with Bristol, we'll read one of your stories and the person who submitted it will receive a $50 gift card to James Avery Artisan Jewelry. At the end of each week, we'll put all five stories to a vote and the winner will receive an additional $250 James Avery Artisan Jewelry gift card! The winner will be announced Monday, December 23, 2019.

Today's winner is Karla Cedillo. Congrats Karla! We hope you love your new treasured piece of jewelry from James Avery Artisan Jewelry! Here's what Karla had to say:

Every year when I was a child, my grandmother would give me a James Avery piece. We spent every Christmas at her house and she always had a real Christmas tree up with amazing decorations. I couldn’t wait to get my piece of jewelry (I didn’t know who James Avery was when I was a kid ) every Christmas.
When I was thirteen, my grandmother was found lifeless in her bed room and my mother had to give her CPR. Thankfully, she came back, but later found out that she had cancer and had to go through chemo. She went on to live three more years, but was too weak to do her usual tradition of a real Christmas tree, so she had an antique that fit in the corner of the room that had shelves. She would decorate it like a Christmas tree and every year that she survived, she always had a James Avery piece waiting for me Christmas Day. On the last Christmas she spent with us, she gave me a Celtic cross necklace by James Avery. I still have all the pieces she gave me. I hope to pass down all the pieces to my daughter and hope to start the same tradition with her.

Thank you, Karla, for sharing your memory! If you'd like to share yours or to find out more, click here!

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