For the second time in its history, Chimp Haven has a new baby chimp! Sanctuary Director Dr. Linda Brent spoke with Angela Thomas of News Radio 710 KEEL about the surprise Valentine's Day delivery. Today, Chimp Haven released a photo of the new mother, Flora, and her unexpected Valentine. Continue reading to see the picture...WARNING off the charts adorableness ahead.Flora is one of the newest retirees at Chimp Haven. According to Dr. Linda Brent, Flora exhibited no signs of being pregnant! And there is no clear father as all the chimps at Chimp Haven are supposed to be all of its males are vasectomized.

Chimp Haven is a non-profit sanctuary for retired chimps, but this isn't their first time at the baby business. Five years ago Tracy was born unexpectedly at Chimp Haven. DNA testing showed that Conan as her father; who had to be re-vasectomized.

It is unclear as to who is the father to Flora's baby, but Chimp Haven will be conducting DNA tests to determine who the father is, and will be promptly re-vasectomized.

The baby has not yet been named. Hoping that someone will come forward to pledge lifetime support for the new baby (approximately $12,000/year), Chimp Haven is reserving naming rights for the lifetime donor. “Whoever ‘adopts’ this baby will be like a grandparent who can have wonderful visits with the family and leave the feeding, child rearing, and discipline up to Flora and the Chimp Haven care staff,” promises Brent.

If you would like to hear the entire interview that Angela Thomas did with Dr. Brent click here.

To find out more about the possibility of sponsoring the new baby chimp contact Chimp Haven at (318) 925-9575 or visit their website here.



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