Phillip Cavins, who is just 23 years old, is now the youngest mayor in the history of our great state.

Of course, here in Shreveport, we have a new, young mayor ourselves. Adrian Perkins, in just two weeks, has shown poise, support, and leadership as our mayor. One reason he connected so well with voters was because of his age, and the success he has already reached. Our mayor is 34 years old, with an extremely bright future ahead.

Now imagine a mayor that it literally over ten years younger than Adrian.

That's what has happened in the Village of Turkey Creek, located in Evangeline Parish. Phillip Cavins has always had a passion for the place he calls home, and felt the need to step up and become mayor. He ran un-opposed, and now sits as not only the youngest mayor in the state, but the youngest mayor in the state's history.

He says, "Eventually the opportunity presented itself, so I threw my name in the hat to run for the mayor for the village of Turkey Creek and nobody else qualified against me, so I actually went in unopposed."

In regards to his age, here's what Cavins had to say: "We started doing research and from what they found, the youngest sworn was sworn in at 28. That's pretty cool I'm making history along with doing something that I love and helping my community out all at the same time."

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