Lottery fever should be amping up, even more, this week as the weekend drawings in the Mega Millions game and the Powerball game did not yield big jackpot winners. That means that some of the largest jackpots in both multi-state lottery games will continue to grow.

According to the Louisiana Lottery website, the Tuesday night drawing for the Mega Millions game will feature a top prize in excess of $600 million dollars. The top prize in the Powerball game on Wednesday night is expected to be in excess of $550 million dollars. The top prize jackpots for each of these games has not been this high since the coronavirus pandemic started.

There was a local winner on Friday night (01/08/21) in the Mega Millions game. A ticket sold at the Exit 80 Travel Plaza located at 2011 North Cherokee Drive matched four of the white-ball numbers and the Mega Ball. Based on the rules of the game, that ticket is valued at $10 Grand.

The most recent big-money Powerball win in the state came on January 6th when a ticket sold in Avondale matched four of the five white-ball numbers, the Powerball, and the purchaser had opted in for the Powerplay. That ticket is worth $150,000.

Lottery retailers across the state reported brisk sales through last weekend's drawings. We can expect the lines to be even longer as the jackpots in these games continue to rise. If you do choose to play any lottery game or game of chance remember there is a chance you will lose your money. So, please play responsibly and if you need help, there is help available..

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