The year following Meghan Trainor's 2016 Grammy win for Best New Artist was among the most difficult of her life, she's admitted in a new Instagram post. But thankfully, her struggle served as some powerful inspiration, and is now the driving force behind her brand new single "No Excuses," which will drop March 1.

Trainor chronicled problems surrounding vocal chord hemorrhages and consequent surgeries in the post, which she uploaded Sunday (February 25), and said her time away from the studio and the stage helped her to realize she needed to focus on her wellbeing before diving back into the music world.

"It was the darkest place I've ever experienced and I was unsure if I'd ever come out of it but I did!" she wrote triumphantly. "Myself, my health and my happiness became my complete and total focus...I regained control of my life and realized that there were no excuses for me to not work on myself and focus on what mattered most in my life."

And fans were more than ready to board the M-Train again.

"Thank you for persisting! It’s is inspiring! Life balance is a practice I have found worthwhile. Your music gets me through most things these days," one wrote, while another noted "The queen is baaaack!! We miss you but the wait was worthwhile!"

Trainor previously teased new music during a Late Late Show appearance earlier this month, during which she told James Corden she had two sexy videos "down, in the bag."

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