Meghan Trainor already dominates the radio waves with her hits, but now she's set her sights on the fashion world. The singer announced she's teaming up with FullBEAUTY, a brand that caters to curvy women.

A statement released by FullBEAUTY said the singer will collaborate on numerous projects with the company, including events, social media engagement, and fashion and beauty activations. In other words, it sounds like this will be the perfect way for fans to access Meghan's signature style!

We feel privileged to have Meghan Trainor, who has inspired millions with her music, on our team as we promote fashion and empowerment to women,” Paul Tarvin, Chief Executive Officer of FullBEAUTY Brands, said in the press release.

The brand sounds like a great fit for Meghan, who inspired millions with a powerful message in her hit "All About That Bass."

“Meghan Trainor’s music is truly powerful and FullBEAUTY Brands is thrilled to be working with such a talented individual," Stephanie Sobel, President of FullBEAUTY Brands said. "Her lyrics inspire confidence from within, which is well aligned with our core company philosophy.”

The singer is equally excited by the partnership.

“I believe that all women should fully love who they are and how they look. I am proud to partner with FullBEAUTY Brands, a company that embodies this same sentiment,” Meghan said.

In August 2014, Meghan opened up about the impact "All About That Bass" has on empowering women, particularly her fans.

"These girls sent me, like, essays about how they hated their lives and hated themselves because of their bodies and the way people were treating them," she told Entertainment Weekly. "And they said they heard my song and they said 'Forget it, I’m just going to love myself.' It’s insane. They’ll send me pictures of them dancing to my song, and videos. It’s amazing."

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