I can not tell you how much the photo of Burt Reynolds in Cosmo changed my life. I was just a youngster when this "scandalous" photo came out. But once I saw the spread (a friend showed me her mom's Cosmo), I learned about the world of sexiness. We found a copy of the photo of Burt Reynolds for sale on Ebay for about $70 bucks.

Of course, I had crushes on the likes of Donny Osmond and Shawn Cassidy, but then I saw the photo of this naked "MAN". Burt was the ultimate in sexiness. And Cosmo cranked it up a notch by posing him on a bearskin rug in all his glory.

We decided to get the guys of Townsquare Media to recreate this pose. They could leave their shirts on or take them off. It was the guys choice. Which one of them would Cosmo choose to publish today it they had to pick from our men?

Burt Reynolds Pose

We need your opinion to settle the debate around the office:

The Burt Reynolds picture was published in 1972. It was the first male centerfold for the magazine and it helped spark sales for the magazine and is actually credited with helping to launch many other publications. Burt Reynolds often talked of regrets for posing for the picture, but it sent his celebrity into another stratosphere.

Afterall, he became my crush the day I saw the photo and he was at the top of my list for many years.


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