If the idea of buying Michael Jackson’s death bed is a little creepy, perhaps this sale will be more appealing to MJ fans: Private, never-released footage from Jackson’s Dangerous Tour is heading for an auction in London later this month.

The Independent, which claims to have seen the footage, says it was shot in Buenos Aires in 1993 for a tour film that was never released. Jackson was apparently unhappy with the footage and scrapped the project, but not before giving a lone VHS copy to his Brazilian chauffeur, who is now ready to sell. The driver, who is not revealing his name, says the tape was “a reward or a bonus” for his “transportation services.”

Some observers estimate the two-hour film could fetch several million dollars at the auction on Nov. 26. Ted Owen, the CEO of Fame Bureau auctioneers, says, “I’m very excited that this tape is finally going to be seen because of its quality, the amount of cameras used and the sheer closeness you are to the performance when watching it.”

The Dangerous Tour lasted more than a year and included 69 performances, with many other cancellations due to health issues. The tape includes on-stage footage as well as behind-the-scenes clips, some of which show Jackson with the boy at the center of the 1993 molestation allegations against the King of Pop.