I think we can all agree that Michael Phelps is a beast! He’s got 12 individual gold medals tying a record that was set by Leonidas of Rhodes… get this… 2,168 years ago. Phelps is going to get a chance to break that record because he has individual races both today and tomorrow. BTW, Phelps already has more Olympic hardware than 91 countries including Portugal, Peru and Singapore!

The USA still leads the medal count with 32 going into day six!

The female reboot of Ghostbusters has lost an estimated $70 million so we’re thinking there WON’T be a sequel, however, the female version of Ocean’s Eleven is moving forward with (hopeful) new additions like Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter and more!

Uh, oh! Malia Obama might be in trouble. First they were saying she was twerking while at Lollapalooza. Not that we're experts on twerking, but it seemed a bit overblown. Now they're saying she was seen taking a hit of a joint. Sure, it looks like it could be, I agree, but could you imagine growing up under the microscope this kid is? I'm not a fan of her dad's politics but dang!

Celebrity Birthdays August 11:
Chris Hemsworth 33
Hulk Hogan 63
Viola Davis 51