Mike the Tiger doesn't ask for much, but he's got a special request for LSU students.

Tweeting from his official account, the LSU mascot asked students to stop using confetti on campus grounds because it continues to blow into his habitat.

Mike VII is a special tiger because as LSU's current live tiger mascot he is the only tiger mascot that actually lives on a college campus in the U.S.

The only problem with living on campus is having to deal with the mess that comes with students using confetti for photos, which really ramps up at this time of year as some students are snapping graduation photos on campus.

Two photos of shiny plastic confetti pieces shared with the tweet show an example of what blows into Mike's cage on a pretty regular basis. Mike is a ferocious animal, but if he eats the glittery plastics that blow into his habitat it can be really harmful to the tiger.

So, in an effort to keep Mike's pen clean and avoid any potential hazards for LSU's beloved mascot, refrain from using glitter, confetti or any type of object that could ultimately end up as litter.

Or else you'll have to answer to Mike. 😬

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